How the Read/Write Web Affects my Practice and Classroom

As a relatively new teacher, I am always looking for fun new ways to teach chemistry.  When I first started teaching, I contacted and met with two other chemistry teachers in neighboring districts.  While I am extremely grateful to both of these teachers (and couldn’t have gotten started without them), many of their practices seemed out dated for today’s learners.  As a result of this, I started to turn to the web in order to elaborate upon the basic foundation of my curriculum.

In the past, I have pretty much used the read/write web to take (or read) information in order to get ideas of new fun ways to teach chemistry.  But, after starting this graduate program, I would like to change this status and share some of the fun things I do within my classroom with others.  My reason for doing this is because I now think I have some lessons that other teachers could benefit from.  In addition, I am still (and probably always will be) in search of continuing to find new ideas to try within my classroom.  I’m hoping that by creating a blog and sharing some of my own lessons/techniques/ideas, that others will comment on my posts and share some of their great ideas with me.

Below you will see three lessons that I feel are worth sharing with other teachers.      Please feel free to check them out and provide feedback.  For the one about the jack-o-latern, I wanted to post a video, but could not without upgrading wordpress.  I will try to post the video to the forum.


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