2-D-1 How to Be Successful in Chemistry

I chose to comment on a blog titled “How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry – Student Edition”. The reason I chose this blog is because every year, I have a handful of students who never pass my class. The sad thing is, that in most cases, I can predict who will pass and who will fail after only just the first quarter of school. This is because my class builds upon itself – so if a student doesn’t master chapters 1, 2, 3, there is very little chance that he/she will understand chapters 4 -12.

The professor who created this blog did so because it was his first year teaching organic chemistry, and he was surprised at the number of students who were struggled. So, he asked students to blog about suggestions that would give to a new student who was starting to take organic chemistry.

Below is the link to the page where the professor compiled student answers.


Below is a link to Jeremy’s page, who was a student in the class.


Some of the main points that students suggested, that would also pertain to my chemistry class include:

Read material before class, so when you get to class you are hearing it for the second time

Ask questions when you have them

After class, re-write and re-organize your notes

Use a pencil, not a pen to write notes

Take time to work through homework and practice problems (make sure you understand what you are doing)

Work on chemistry a little each day, never try to cram (it will NOT work – I promise).  For my class, 30 minutes, 6 days a week is appropriate (it will not work if you try to study for a single 3 hour session, once a week)

Don’t get behind … seriously … don’t get behind

Take advantage of “office hours” or tutoring help, when you need it (schedule an appointment with the teacher)


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