3-B-2 Benefits of RSS in Education

Ways that RSS Will Benefit Me

There are a couple of ways that RSS can benefit me as a teacher.   The biggest way that RSS can benefit me as a teacher is by allowing me to communicate with other colleagues and teachers in order to share ideas regarding pedagogy and/or science experiments. One specific way that RSS can be used to accomplish this is by subscribing to other teacher’s blogs, and being sent an alert when new information is posted. Another specific way to collaborate with colleagues using RSS is by sharing links through social bookmarking sites. I have used Delicious in the past, and I know this site has a “share bookmarks feature” that allows you to send/receive links from other people.

Another way that RSS would benefit me is by updating me on the latest job availability searches. Although I am very happy with my current location at the moment, my husband and I have talked about moving to southern Pennsylvania in a few years. It would be miserable if I had to search thirty school websites on a regular basis to see if there are any job openings for a chemistry teacher. Using RSS to do this for me (have the most recent chemistry job openings sent to me) would greatly decrease the time involved in this process.

Ways that RSS Will Benefit My Students

One way that RSS will benefit my students within the classroom is by keeping them up to date on current events regarding the field of chemistry. Every quarter, I have my students write about a current event in chemistry. Using RSS, students can be updated on the only newest events in chemistry (instead of all – old and new- events); and there are a lot of them that pertain to chemistry right now. Some of these events within chemistry that are currently in the news include: discovering the Higgs-Boson particle (“the God particle”), discovering new elements on the periodic table (Element 117 was just discovered a few weeks ago), reaching absolute zero, creating plasma, creating anti-matter, etc.

Another way that RSS could benefit students is by updating them with new information within the classroom and the school community. Students could be updated with information regarding grade postings (e.g., “You Chapter 1 test has been graded.”), or just be sent a reminder message (e.g., “Remember to bring your signed permission slip for our field trip.”). Within the school community, RSS could be used to update everyone on the “ever changing schedules of public education”.   My classroom’s academic schedule is based upon the school’s schedule and the sports schedule, which seem to constantly change as new situations arise. It would awesome to have a template schedule, but then be updated through RSS, when that template schedule is changed! I need to figure out how to do this!!!


4 thoughts on “3-B-2 Benefits of RSS in Education

  1. I have been thinking about ways to use RSS in my current position as a classroom consultant since I’m all about sharing information and resources. You have a great idea on how to collaborate with your colleagues. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! I have not tried using Delicious but I’m going to take a look at that tool. You have some additional ideas that you’ve put a lot of thought into. This is looking to be a very beneficial way for you to communicate across all stakeholders. Thanks for sharing, it opens the mind to more possibilities.

  2. It is so important to stay current and gain fresh ideas by staying in contact with colleagues. Using RSS to read blogs gives one a chance to get new ideas and to have those you use affirmed. Even if ideas and opinions differ; it gives you opportunities to rethink why it is you do things the way you do them and check in with yourself.

    It is great that you can use RSS to give student updates quickly. Looks like you are ready to really take flight with RSS!

  3. I’ll have to say I never thought about how using RSS could benefit students, but you hit upon two very good ways. I especially liked the updating of students on class information and content. I think I may actually give this a try next school year. Great blog post!

  4. Using RSS feeds to shout out reminders to students and parents is a great idea! I know of some teachers who have a Twitter account for that. I wonder how the two would compare…

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