5-A-1 Flickr Possibilities

I have to admit that I have never used Flickr before! I’ve heard of my relatives creating Flickr accounts, and sending photo books to my grandmother (who doesn’t have the internet) as a way to share photos with her. I was impressed with numerous applications that Flickr can provide to the educational classroom.
One way I would like to use Flickr for within my classroom is by using digital photography to create hypotheses regarding a particular picture. In the past I’ve done this activity by providing students with a hard copies of pictures (from a magazine) that they must then interpret what it is going on, and come up with a hypothesis based upon the scientific method. I am always surprised at how creative students become with a fun activity like this! All interpretations and hypotheses are correct, as long as they are stated correctly. Below is an example of a picture I might use, along with a few possible interpretations.

In the Fridge II

In the Fridge II by Boris Mann 

Creative Commons License

Possible Interpretations:
1.) The cat was hungry, so it went to get something to eat. If the cat finds something to eat, it will then leave the fridge.
2.) It must be a hot day. The cat was hot, so it jumped into the fridge to cool off. Once it cools off, it will go back to the couch.
3.) The owner built a cat house to look like a refrigerator! The cat hangs here all day long!

With the use of Flickr, I would like to have students submit their own pictures to a class page, for other students to make interpretations and hypotheses regarding these pictures.

Image Citation
Boris Mann. (2005, March 22). In the Fridge II. Bmann’s Photostream. Retrieved July 2, 2014 from https://www.flickr.com/photos/boris/7129496/


2 thoughts on “5-A-1 Flickr Possibilities

  1. Mary Lutz says:

    That would be such a fun project. It would be something that wouldn’t be boring to grade. I’m sure your students would come up with some great ideas for the cat picture. I like the idea of submitting their own ideas to a class page.

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