5-B-3 Podcasting in the Classroom

Podcast Chosen

I teach high school chemistry, and the podcast I have chosen for this assignment is called “Reactions”. “Reactions” is a video podcast (vodcast) produced by the American Chemical Society (which is an excellent educational resource for science teachers).


Below you will find the link for “Reactions”.


Rational for Choosing this Podcast

The main reason I chose this podcast is because I like the content of the topic episodes that are explained and demonstrated in “Reactions.” While a lot of chemistry podcasts are strictly based upon the complicated course content of chemistry, this vodcast contains topics that relate to EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY that are just fun, interesting, and easy to understand through the use of ACS’s podcasting technologies.

Another reason the topics within “Reactions” appealed to me is because they are not all strictly based on chemistry or science. In fact, there are a wide variety of cross-curricular topics that are discussed with respect to the chemistry behind them. Below is a list of some of the various chemistry based topics.

Examples of Science Based Episodes:

Chemistry of fireworks

Why does asparagus make your pee smell funny and turn green?

Science behind glow sticks

Examples of Industrial Based Episodes:

Photography – A brief history of how chemistry invented photography, and how this field has changed over time

Science behind sunscreen

Examples of Food-Related Episodes:

The science of caffeine, and coffee drinks

The chemistry of hot sauce

Ice cream science

What causes garlic breath?

Examples of Emotion-Based Episodes:

Chemistry of love

Chemistry of fear

Examples of History-Based Episodes:

How the chemistry of Thomas Edison changed the world

Five black chemists who changed the world

Another reason why I liked “Reactions” is because in each episode, the podcasters do an excellent job at relating the topic at hand to major concepts in chemistry. Essentially, they use lots of vocabulary terms that my high school students would be familiar with (e.g., covalent bonding, valence electrons thermodynamics, chromatography, pH, stoichiometry, etc.).

 How I Would Use this Podcast Within My Classroom

I’d like to create a multimedia assignment for students using the “Reaction” podcast. Within our classroom blog, I would like have an “Everyday Chemistry” page that is devoted only to these fun chemistry topics (no course content).

The Assignment

Pick a “Reaction” vodcast to watch, study, and then create a mini-lesson about your topic on the “Everyday Chemistry” blog page for other class members to view and comment on

The mini-lesson must contain the following information:

  • Title of the vodcast/podcast
  • Two quick interesting/fun facts
  • Summary of the material in one of the following formats:

Written (text) blog post



Picture Lesson (maybe using Flickr and annotating over pictures)

Other multimedia format

  • Connections to topics studied in chemistry class (classification of this episode under the chemistry curriculum)
  • Link to the orignal vodcast episode
  • Link to 1 external, additional website that relates to the topic within the vodcast
  • Correct citations for all works that are used (vodcast, pictures, videos, etc.)

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