8-A-1: Web Applications

The web application I have chosen to share is Zoho Spreadsheet. I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve never heard of Zoho before this class. I chose to highlight this web application because it is similar to GoogleDocs, but Zoho’s spreadsheet tool has more features and functions than Google’s tool.

How Zoho Spreadsheets Support Individual Learning Styles

I would recommend an application like Zoho Spreadsheet to students who are visual learners, because this program has the ability to “translate” written and numerical information into visual diagrams such as tables, charts, and graphs. This “translation” function of Zoho will also benefit students who have a strong sense of logic and problem solving.

How I Might Use Zoho Spreadsheet In the Classroom

I envision students working in lab groups (in class) to collect data from a chemistry experiment. When the experiment is finished, they must then use some type of graphical analysis program to help them interpret the meaning of their data. Zoho’s spreadsheet tool allows students to collaborate online (outside of class) in real-time on a single project. The goal of the assignment would be for students to collaborate about their data outside of class, and create a document that accurately interprets the findings of their experiment.

Below are some of the other features of Zoho Spreadsheet.

  • Web-based application that allows for the creation, editing, and sharing of spreadsheet information and data
  • Program uses more than 350 functions and formulas to create different kinds of graphical images such as: pivot tables, charts, graphs (tables, pie charts, XY scatter plot, bar graphs, trend lines, linear regression, best fit, t-test, etc.)
  • Program allows for “auto filter” so students may only see the data they want to, instead of all the data within the program (such as data I have already pre-set within the program)
  • Programs allows for “conditional formatting” of specific cells (coding specific cells to obey particular functions such as a mathematical formula or maybe a color, etc.)
  • A variations of different kinds of files can be imported into the program and used
  • Files can be exported from the program in multiple formats (Microsoft Excel, pdf, html document, etc.)

***Zoho allows multiple users to collaborate on a single project in real-time. File, folder, and document sharing is easy.

***Zoho contains a “document version history” that allows users to view all changes that have been made to a document

***Zoho is compatible and works with many Google Applications such as: GoogleDrive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, etc.

The free version of Zoho (the entire package, not just Spreadsheet) gives users 5 GB of free storage space. Because this application is compatible with many Google Applications, I don’t think it would be necessary to upgrade my package to the standard or premium version.

I chose to use Zoho as my web application because I had never heard of it before. In reality, I think this program is very similar to GoogleDocs in terms of the features and functionality it offers. Both of these web applications allow users to collaborate with other users to create and edit documents in real-time. In addition, both company’s spreadsheet tools will benefit students who are visual learners. In terms of comparing their spreadsheet tools, it appears that Zoho contains more features than the corresponding GoogleDocs tool; some of which are more applicable to science (rather than simply mathematics).


2 thoughts on “8-A-1: Web Applications

  1. Thanks for your review of Zoho. It does seem similar to Google Docs which is a plus for me since I like Google. Last year I had students use a spreadsheet to classify candy. (It was around Halloween so candy was on their minds and seemed fitting and engaging.) If this activity is repeated using a platform like Zoho they can also view the spreadsheets of others and compare and contrast. I agree that this platform has much to offer logical, visual and spatial learners.

  2. Great Review of Zoho! I really like your comment on how it will appeal to visual learners as I thought the same thing. Also a very good point about not needing to upgrade based on how you would use it. Parents would definitely appreciate that.

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